We then determine together what type of plan is needed, who will need to receive it and what course we will follow. In the case of career and college counseling, I work with the young person, their family and their school (if applicable) to determine the young person's needs, their goals and the family's resources for support. I then work with student to locate appropriate programs and resources, and to complete applications.

Because gifted individuals, particularly the twice exceptional, may have very particular needs for support along with academic support, each person's plan may look quite different. Some follow a very traditional path and others need a more creative approach. I hope that I can find each young person with whom I work the perfect plan for them. My fee for educational counseling is $125 per hour and is not ordinarily reimbursable by insurance. Payment plans can be made, and fees can be calculated differently in some cases. Please enquire.

Melinda Stewart, MSW

Educational Counseling, Tutoring, Psychotherapy

Educational Consulting

(978) 302-5940

I can provide educational plans and support for homeschoolers, non-traditional learners and gifted students in both public and private schools.  I  provide college and career counseling for these populations as well.  

In constructing a plan, I first meet with the family and the young person alone (depending on age and maturity) to determine their needs. I then review educational history, any testing or ed plans that may be applicable. I do not administer neuropsych testing myself but can arrange a referral if needed.